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Museo Massonico

Masonry Museum

 The Museum of Freemasonry, the only one in Italy, is connected to the historical period when in 1823 and 1831 Compiano Castle was used as a prison and some political dissidents, exponents of the Carbonari and Freemasonry, were imprisoned there


_ a museum to be visited

Compiano Masonic Museum called "masonic horizons" was opened to public on 14th July, 2002 and it was born thanks to the donations by Mr Flaminio Musa who, throughout his life during his numerous travels, collected masonic relics mostly of Anglo-Saxon, French, Indian and Italian origins.
Mr Musa always wanted to place his collection inside the Castle and after the death of its last owner, the Marquise Gambarotta, he could carry out his project. Therefore at the beginning the special Room 33 was set up to exhibit the first masonic relics, which were followed by a new important donation. The Parma Grand Lodge of Italy (GOI) and the College of the Venerable Masters of Emilia Romagna took care of its cataloging and final preparation.
Three rooms of the Castle were restored and redeveloped in order to set up the museum permanently and they were marked Room 36 and Room 37, the ones intended for Musa Collection, and Room 33, the one reserved for the Masonic objects coming from the GOI collection.
The collection donated and set up includes 536 items, subdivided into 6 macro families:
- Paintings and Prints

  • Paintings and prints

  • Books and documents

  • Various objects

  • Vestments and aprons

  • Jewels

  • Anglo-Saxon Masonic Philately


Most of the items date back to the second half of the 19th century. and the first half of the twentieth century.


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